Title for an Ultrasound Page

by Rebecca

Hello! Here I sit in my scrapbook nook in the basement of our home ... in the wee hours of the night of course:) I am so blessed to find your site, I just wanted you to know.

Before I tell you the story - would you also consider allowing me to add a link to your blog on my site simplyscraphappy.com ? I feel it would be such a blessing to those who visit me there.

Now can I tell you how your page has blessed me tonight?

I like to write, so I never thought I'd be at a loss for words but I needed yet another title for an ultrasound page of our THIRD baby boy!

I found, "An Inside View" which I like, but also the scripture from Isaiah 49 ... and I have to say it touched my heart completely. You see, we had two boys and thought our next little one would be a girl - through adoption. We still hope to adopt but in the wake of completing our home study and certification we found we were pregnant again! We love all of our babies, all in God's timing, but we were shocked at first and through my sickness I could only muster a little hope if I imagined a baby girl. Then one morning my husband told me he felt the Lord speak to him in the night. I didn't want to hear it then, I was so very ill and didn't know how to make it through the next nine months ... but he said, "Nathan Scott" - - it seemed impossible but the ultrasound confirmed it, yes, we would have a little boy.

Knowing him now, we see all the things God spoke to my husband that night were exactly who our precious Nathan was created to be. He is much like the Nathan who confronted King David in the Bible - he is gentle and quiet - and yet will carry an authority with him if he really needs to speak.

Thank you for leading me to this particular verse. It is perfect for his page, and for my mother's heart:)


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