What Scrapbook Supplies Do
You Need to Get Started?

Are you just starting to take up the hobby of creating scrapbooks? Deciding what scrapbook supplies you need to get started can be a little overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from.

Some of them are essential. Many you can do without. I use some of my scrapbook supplies so seldom that they weren't worth buying.

I break down the supplies you need into two categories traditional scrapbooks and digital scrapbooks. Read about traditional versus digital scrapbooking if you are not sure which style is right for you.

Digital Scrapbook Essentials

Scrapbook - need a scrapbook that does not have pages already in it. You want it to have protective sleeves that you drop the printed page into.

Computer - need a computer that is fast enough to run the scrapbooking software you choose.

Software - need to choose a scrapbook or photo editing software program. Read the reviews on software programs.

Print Pages - need to know how you will print the pages you have created. Read the article on How to Print Your Digital Pages.

Digital Scrapbook Non-essentials

Scanner - there are so many creative ways to use a scanner. For example, you can scan in a favorite baby blanket, wrapping paper or birth certificate to use as a background.

Graphic Tablet - this a pen and tablet you can use to create your own graphics. It is also a great tool to use to add your own handwriting to the page.

Digital Kits - there are many digital scrapbooking websites that have free or cheap digital kits you can download.

That is all you need to create digital scrapbooks!

Traditional Scrapbook Essentials


Pages - refill pages that you will build your page on.

Pens - acid free pens to journal on your page.

Scissors - a good quality scissors to trim photos and cut card stock.

Card Stock - acid and lignin free colored paper to create mattes for your photos.

Glue - an acid free adhesive to glue items to your page.

Traditional Scrapbook Non-essentials - these tools will add dimension to your scrapbook an help you to create pages more quickly.

Paper Trimmer - make sure you have straight cuts. If you are creating a 12 by 12 album you will want a 12 inch trimmer.

Embellishments - stickers, ribbons, buttons, etc..

Corner Rounder - create rounded corners on your photos and mattes.

Paper Punches - come in all different designs. You may want to start with circle, square and oval cutters. It is so much easier and quicker to use a punch then to try an create "perfect" shapes free handed.

Specialty Scissors - create designed edges on photos and paper.

Organization - once you have accumulated enough scrapbook supplies you need to create a system to organize your stuff.

Still not sure what you need? Check out these scrapbook supplies lists and product reviews.

There you have it. That's all the scrapbook supplies you need to get started. Start with the basics. Create simple pages.

You may even cringe when you look at your first pages down the road. I am almost too embarrassed to show some of the first digital pages I created. But, your scrapbook style will grow and your pages will become more creative with time.

The important thing is to start. Set aside some time on a weekly or monthly basis. Find some friends to scrap with or join a scrapbook club. I am sure you and your loved ones will treasure the pages you create.