Scrapbook Page Example

This scrapbook page example is easy to make. I chose a plain black background to keep the focus on the photos. Then I cropped the photos to show the different parts of baby's body. I placed a white stroke on all the photos and used a thin white stroke to frame the page.

For the title, I used the scripture verse I am fearfully and wonderfully made ~ Psalm 139:14. Loved to pieces would also make a great title for this page.

I love using strokes to outline photos or make a page border. It is so fast and easy to do. In Photoshop Elements, select the layer you want to stroke. Then go to Edit - Stroke (outline) Selection. You can choose the color and width of the stroke.

Once you stroke a layer it becomes part of that layer. This can be a good or bad thing. It's nice because you can move the photo without having to link it to it's mat - the stroke.

The downside is if you decide you don't want the stroke or want a different color, then you have to undo all of your work to get back to the pre-stroked layer or you have to delete the layer and add it again to your page.

Do you have a scrapbook page you would like to share?