Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

Are you tired of just using scrapbook journaling boxes on your page? Here are some ideas to help you use journaling in a unique way.

1. Journaling Box

The most common way to add journaling to a page is to write it on a piece of cardstock and then cut it out. This is called a journaling box.

To spice up this traditional method, try using a die cut shape that matches the theme of your page. For instance, if you are creating a page about baby's first bath, then use a die cut in the shape of a bathtub for your journaling box.

2. Photo Frame

journaling frameFirst, create a mat for your photo. Make sure the mat leaves enough space for you to journal all the way around the photo. Start at the bottom left hand corner. Make sure your journaling stays in the same direction so that the bottom of the word rests on the photo. Otherwise, you will have to be turning every which way to read your journaling. I prefer not to journal underneath the photo. I use this space to write a title for the photo.

3. Background Paper

text background paper

Here is a portion of background paper I created. I used the poem, Our First Glimpse, to create the background paper. I repeated the poem over and over again until it filled up the background paper. I then highlighted each line from the poem on the right hand side of the page. This allowed the poem to be readable and serve as journaling for my page.

This page could easily be made using traditional scrapbooking. Although, it will be a little time consuming. First, use a colored pencil to lightly write your journaling over and over again on the entire page. Then, use a marker to trace the words from your journaling that you want to stand out. Make sure you highlight the words in order from top to bottom. This will make sure people can read your journaling.

4. Contribution from others

Use the words of your loved ones to create journaling on your scrapbook page. Here is an example...

Bring a set of die cuts and acid free pens with you to the hospital. Ask your visitors to write a message on the die cut for baby. Take a picture of each visitor holding baby. Then use the pictures and die cuts to make a great page about baby's first visitors.

This idea would also work great for a baby shower. Ask the guests to write a piece of advice for the mother-to-be.

Do you need help with journaling? Check out this article for scrapbook journaling advice.

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