Scrapbook Journaling

Does scrapbook journaling have you stumped. When I first started scrapbooking, I dreaded having to journal on my pages.

I just couldn't figure out what to say. It seemed like I was always ending up with at least one misspelled word on the page. Many of my pages ended up with no journaling at all.

Journaling is such an important part to scrapbooking. It ranks right up there with your photos. It is what sets apart a scrapbook from a photo album.

Some layouts need more journaling than others. For instance, a page about baby's birth should have a lot of journaling to capture your experience during labor.

If you are creating a page about baby sleeping, you might not have that much to journal about. Adding a poem might be a great choice for that page.

Take time to add some meaningful journaling to the pages where it matters the most. Let your personality shine through your words. It will truly help your scrapbook page be more personal.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. The important thing is to just write it.

Here are some tips to make your scrapbook journaling experience easier...

Practice - if you are not use to expressing your thoughts through words you need to practice. Keep a journal beside your bed and write a little in it every day. Are the emails you send always short? Start writing longer emails to your close friends. The more you write, the better and more confident you will be doing it.

Typing - type your journaling using a word processor program. This will help you correct any spelling errors and will even help you to correct some grammatical errors. You could print it out on card stock and place the typed journaling box on your page. If you prefer to have your own handwriting on the page, then print out a copy as a guide.

Read it out loud - read your journaling out loud before you write it on the scrapbook page. This should help you catch any strange wording or words you have left out.

Loss for words - use the words of someone else. Add a quote or poem to your page.

Stick with the basics - if your stuck on what to journal about, start with answering these basic questions...

who - tell who the photos are about

what - tell what is going on in the photos

where - tell where the photos took place

when - tell when were the photos taken

why - tell why these photos are meaningful

Now that you are ready to start journaling, check out these scrapbook journaling ideas.