Project 365 Tips

You have decided to embark on a project 365 journey. It may seem a little scary at first. The thought of taking a picture everyday is a little overwhelming...

but these project 365 tips should help make your journey a little easier.

  • 1. Take your camera everywhere. - Don't leave home without it. You never know when a photo op will strike. You don't want to be caught camera-less.

  • 2. Remember the little moments - You do not have to capture some exciting event every day. For instance, my sister-in-law took a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich. She documented how her hubby (that would be my brother) loves mayo on his sandwich. This is a tradition that my mom started when we were kids. Everyone thinks it's weird, but now this tradition is documented forever!

  • 3. Miss a day - don't sweat. - The goal is to take a picture everyday, but you will definitely have some days when you forget. Use those days to grab an image off the web for your picture... of course I am not suggesting that you violate any copyrights.
    Here are some ideas:
    • Use the logo from your favorite tv show.
    • An image of the baby food you use.
    • Snag a photo of your church.
    • A picture of the building where you work or your company logo.
    • You can even use a map image to show your daily route.
    • A picture of your favorite celebrity.
    The possibilities are endless.

  • 4. Keep it Simple - Create simple pages to help you stay on track. This scrapbook is all about the photos and journaling. You do not need a lot of embellishments to make it work. If you like, you can always go back later and dress up the page.

  • 5. Use your computer - If your a digital scrapper, this is an easy one for you. You will create all of your layouts using your favorite software. For traditional scrappers, this project is the perfect opportunity to start learning how to digital scrapbook. If you know digital pages are not for you, still use your computer as much as you can. Here's a few suggestions:
    • Use a spreadsheet program like excel (or you could use the great free spreadsheet from to set up a template for your journaling. Create blocks that are the size you want. Type in each block the journal entry for the day. Print it off on the scrapbook paper of your choice. Cut the blocks and it is ready to go.
    • Use your photo editing software to crop your pictures to remove the extra clutter in your photo.

  • 6. Use templates - Templates are a great time saver for digital scrapbookers. If you haven't figured out how to use them yet. DO IT! It will make creating a Project 365 layout so much faster. For traditional scrappers, use templates to help you arrange your layout more quickly. You will not spend your precious time debating on where to place your pics.

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