Why I love Photoshop Elements

My personal choice for digital scrapbooking is Adobe Photoshop Elements. I started using it from the beginning. I have tried a few scrapbook programs, but I didn't like them. I was too limited in what I could create.

I am pretty handy with computers. So, I learned Photoshop quickly. It actually was not difficult at all to learn. My sister, who is ummmmm.... not so quick with computers, is actually the one who introduced me to Photoshop. If she can learn it, so can you.

I am glad I decided to learn this software for many reasons. Here are a few of them...

It is a popular software which makes it is easy to find tutorials on how to use it.

Much more flexibility in creating your layouts than using scrapbooking software.

It comes with a photo organization system.

Can be used for so much more than scrapbooks...

I use Photoshop for more than just scrapbooks. I create our own Christmas cards. I have made business cards for my hubby. I made book marks and a directory for my Church.

I take photos for family and friends. Then I edit the pictures. I might change the background or add a border.

I got the ultimate compliment the other day when I was getting photos developed that I had taken for my niece. The store asked me to sign a waiver because they thought I was trying to reprint professional pictures.

Here are some examples of items I have created...

Do you love Photoshop Elements? Please leave a comment and tell me why?