Baby's First Home Scrapbook Page

When I think of my childhood home, it is not the home that I was born in. I was just two years old when my family moved into the home that grew up in. That is the home I remember. That is the house where my memories were made.

But I still enjoy hearing stories about that first house I lived in. The little house on Apple Tree. It is the home I see through the eyes of my brother and sisters.

I don't have any pictures of that first home where I was born. It would have been nice to have a picture to go with the stories. I guess I could actually go to Apple Tree and see the house, but it's not that serious.

Whether the house you are living in when your child is born is a temporary location or the place you plan to set up roots, scrapbook it.

It is now part of your child's history. It is the place where you brought your baby home to from the hospital.

Sample Titles for Baby's First Home Scrapbook

  • Home is Where Your Heart Is
  • Home is Where Your Children Grow
  • House Full of Memories
  • Bringing Home the Baby
  • Welcome to Your New Home
  • Our Home is Now Complete
  • You Fill Our Home with Love
  • Your First Home
  • The Home where You were Born
  • House of Love
  • Home Sweet Home

Journaling Ideas for Baby's First Home Scrapbook Page - There are so many ways to add journaling to the scrapbook page about your baby's first home.

  • Journal about the history of your home.
    • When was the house built?
    • What year did you move into it?
    • How much did you pay for it or how much is your rent?
  • Why did you choose this place to live?
    • Do you like the neighborhood?
    • Were you interested in the school district?
    • Did you choose it for it's affordability?
    • Did you want to be close to family?
  • List the things you love about your home.
  • List the things you "hate" or would like to change.
  • What are your plans for the future?
    • How long do you want to live here?
    • Under what circumstances would you move?
    • How do you want your child to remember this home?

Baby's First Home Scrapbook Layout Ideas - this is one of the few scrapbook pages that you do not want to crop much of the photo. One of the best parts of this page is seeing what is in the background of the photos.

The ugly wallpaper or the raggedy hand-me-down chair will bring back memories. You want to keep them in the photo. This will help everyone remember what your living room looked like.

  • House Silhouette - take a solid color paper and cut out the shape of a house. You want the house to fill up the majority of your scrapbook page. Then use the photos to make windows on your house.
  • Home Background Paper - use a digital software program (Photoshop Elements works great) to create a background paper of your home. You want to fill the entire space with a picture of your home. Then, change the opacity of the layer to make the picture of your home appear softer. Arrange the pictures of the inside of your home on your background paper.
  • House Siding - for digital scrappers... take a picture of the bricks or siding of your home. Use that photo to make background paper for your scrapbook page. You could use the siding for background paper and the bricks to make frames for your photos.
Poems for Baby's First Home Scrapbook Page

by Lisa Emry

Home is the place your heart resides
Home is the place that you decide
Home is the womb that holds the soul
Home is the place where one is whole

Home is the glow you hold in your eye
Home is the emotion that makes you cry
Home is safe and a place of peace
Home is where all strivings cease

Home is protective against the others
Home is full of sisters and brothers
Home is where you find your rest
Home is where you feel your best

Home is a memory that follows your being
Home is a dream for those agreeing
Home is the place where reserves fall
Home is the place you yearn to call

Home is where the family meets
Home is a place of restful retreats
Home is the place you know you’ll be heard
Home is the pace where nothing blurs

Home is all these wonderful things
Home is the place you develop wings
Home is the place that you’ll find one day
Home is the place where your heart will stay

Baby's First Night Home
author unknown

Tonight as you lie sleeping
For the first time in your bed,
There must be something lasting
And profound that should be said.

But as your face is gazed upon
Framed by your soft, dark hair
No words can tell or quite express
The feelings that we share.

The wait is finally over
You're home, at last, to stay.
And there will always be the memories
Of the joy that filled this day.

With a love that's running over
By the sight of you alone
Welcome home, dear cherished one,
At long last welcome home!

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