Baby's First Foods

food facesBaby's First Foods - an exciting milestone has arrived!

Introducing your baby to food can be quite an adventure. Your baby will make all kinds of new faces as she experiences food for the first time. Make sure to have your camera ready to capture her silly faces.

Here are some tips to help you create a scrapbook page to add to your child's memory album.

Journaling Ideas

  • Date - list the date that baby started eating an item from each of the food groups.
  • Baby's Reaction - describe baby's reaction when she first tasted the food. Did she make any funny faces or spit the food out?
  • Quantity of Food - how much of the food did he eat? Did he eat the whole jar or just a few spoonfuls?
  • Type of Baby Food - are there details about the type of baby food you used that you would like to remember? Did you always buy a specific brand, or did you make your own? Maybe you always used organic.

Sample Titles

  • Time to Eat
  • (baby' name) Funny Food Faces
  • It's Eating Time
  • Baby's First Foods
  • First Foods Likes and Dislikes

Sample Layout Ideas

    baby first foods
  • Different Food Categories - Create a layout that shows the different reactions your baby had when she was exposed to the different food groups.

    Take pictures of when your baby first ate cereal, vegetable, fruit, and meat. Journal about her reactions to each of these.

    Divide your page evenly into the number of sections that you will use for the food groups. Use a different colored strip of paper to represent each of the food groups. Place baby's photos and journal box on the strip of paper.

    Use stickers of food or spoons to decorate your page.

  • Baby Food Pictures - Take pictures of the baby food jars or boxes you use. Cut them out. Use them to decorate your page. Or, better yet, if you have a scanner...

    Scan in the front of the food boxes. Or peal off the labels of the baby food jars and scan them. Then, use a photo editing program to reduce the image size to the appropriate size for your page.

    No photo editing software? There should be a option under your printer properties for you to reduce the size of your document. For instance, my printer can print an item that is 25 percent the size of the original.

    Once you have the image at the desired size, print it on some archival quality paper. You now have custom made embellishments to personalize your scrapbook page.

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