Which is a Better Choice:
Traditional or Digital Scrapbooking ?

Which is better traditional or digital scrapbooking?

Both styles are a form of art and beautiful pages can be created using either one. You just need to decide which style is right for you.

Some people prefer traditional scrapbooking because they like the hands on approach. The like cutting papers and gluing embellishments to their page.

Traditional scrapbooking allows you to reach out and touch your embellishments. You can run your fingers across a ribbon and feel the embossing on letters.

The traditional scrapbook is bulky and has a more nostalgic feel.

Digital scrapbooking has its unique characteristics. You do not need a lot of space to create your layout. All you need is your computer. This makes it easy to work on a layout, save it, and come back to finish it later.

You can make or buy digital kits. You can reuse them as often as you want without spending more money. Also, you can easily change the color of an item. If you buy a pink ribbon, you can turn it into a blue ribbon.

What I like best about digital pages is the ability to manipulate photos and text. You can enlarge a photo, change the opacity, and turn it into your background page. And you can do anything imaginable with text.

There is a new breed of scrapers who are creating hybrid pages. They will create digital layouts. Print their pages. Then they add embellishments such as ribbons and buttons. This gives their page a multidimensional look and feel.

Hybrid scapbooking is the combination of both styles. It's the best of both worlds.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the different styles.

Traditional Scrapbooking


- Multidimensional look and feel

- Hands on approach

- You use your own handwriting.

- Do not have to learn computer software


- Unable to alter photos (such as changing the photo opacity)

- Book is bulkier.

- More costly - once you use a ribbon it is gone

- Need a lot of space - You need a scrapbooking station set up in your home or else you have to drag everything out when you want to create a page.

Digital Scrapbooking


- Unlimited ways to alter photos

- More versatile uses of text

- If you make a mistake you can just delete the item.

- You can reuse digital scrapbooking supplies you have purchased or created.

- All you need is your camera, computer and software program.

- You can create one page and print multiple copies of it.

- You can store your pages on a DVD.


- Has a flatter look.

- More difficult to add mementos - such as a lock of hair.

- Need to learn a new software.

- Lose the personal touch of your own handwriting. (unless you have a graphic tablet)

Hybrid Scrapbooking- the best of both worlds


- Alter you photos using software.

- Add embellishments to printed pages.

- Have the unique look of digital pages along with the multidimensional look of traditional pages.


- You have the added cost of buying physical items to paste to your pages.

- You need to buy and learn a photo editing software.

- May take a bit more planning to decide where you will place the actual embellishments that you will glue to the page once it is printed.

Do you have some pros and cons to add to my list? I would love to hear your input on which style you prefer.