Birth Announcement

With the birth of my new daughter came the task of creating her birth announcement. I decided not to use one of the ready made templates that are available at most photo centers.

I wanted to create my own.

Since I had a newborn, and four other children, I didn't have much time to spend creating it. I wanted something simple.

Here is what I came up with...


It was so easy to make.

I decided to use the standard 4x6 size. That made them cheaper to print. Also, it's the perfect size for framing or shoving in a photo album. Cause I know no one will through away my baby's announcement!

I didn't have time to make my own digital papers. So, I used the Recess Kit by Heather Roselli from Scrappers Guide.

I changed the hue of the striped paper to give it pink tones. I then layered the papers in such a way that I would have solid papers to use for the text.

It took me less than 20 minutes to make this. And I knew my daughter's announcement would be unique.

Read this article for tips on creating a birth announcement scrapbook page.

My daughter was born 3 weeks before Christmas. I wanted to take advantage of that and mail her birth announcement with our Christmas cards. Ya, ya I'm cheap.

So, the same night I made our family Christmas photo cards.

To get more details, click on the Christmas card.

christmas card