Tips on what to write
in your birth journal.

Why should you create a birth journal?

Well, you may think you will always remember the precious details of your labor experience. But as time passes and the more children you have, your memory of the details will fade.

The details from the birth of your first child will become mingled with the details from the birth of your second child.

That is why creating a birth journal is so important. It will help you cherish those memories forever.

Also, your journal will come in handy when you are filling out the baby book pages about your birthing experience.

Remember to jot down the time when you write in your journal.

Have your journal prepared before baby arrives.

Before baby arrives, write down the different headings in your birth journal that you want to write about. This will make sure you remember to record all the precious details.

Create a page at the beginning of your journal that lists the facts. These are simple items to fill out that doesn't require "journaling". Prepare this page ahead of time. So you will only need to enter the data during labor.

Here is a sample of some items you may want to include on the fact page:

Labor Started At:

Name of the Hospital:

Time I Arrived at the Hospital:

Hospital Room Number:

Names of My Nurses:

Time My Water Broke:

Here are some things you will want to journal about...

How did labor begin... Did your water break? Were you induced? Did labor begin with contractions? Did you have a scheduled c-section?

Where were you when labor started?

What time did labor begin?

When did you decide to go to the hospital?

How was the drive to the hospital?

After you arrived at the hospital, how far dilated were you?

What was your nurse's name?

What was your room number?

What point during labor did your water break?

What methods did you use to cope with the pain?

Did you receive a pitocin drip? (A drug they give you to help bring on contractions. In my opinion, it makes labor much more painful.)

Did you scream for drugs?

Did you have an epidural?

How many centimeters dilated were you when you received your epidural?

Did the epidural go in easily?

How long were you in heavy labor?

How many times did you have to push?

Did you receive an episiotomy?

What was labor like... Were you up walking around, confined to the bed, starving, nauseated, watching tv, talking on the phone, etc...

How many hours was labor from start to finish?

Were there any emergencies during labor? How were they dealt with?

How did your coach do during labor?

Did you have a birthing plan? If so, put a copy of it in your baby book. Do you any suggestions for what to write in a birth journal?