Birth Certificate
Scrapbook Page

birth certificate scrapbook pageA baby's birth certificate is something that is typically included in a baby memory book.

Before we start talking about scrapbook ideas, you need to decide if you want to include an official birth certificate or a copy?

Using an Official Certificate

If baby has not arrived yet, then order two official certificates at the hospital. This will give you a copy to keep for your records and one to use in your baby's memory book. It will also save you that dreaded trip to the health department to get a second copy.

It's also nice to have a copy in the baby book just in case the other one has mysteriously disappeared.

If you have an official copy and you are sure you will never need it for anything... then go ahead, glue it, stick it, tape it to that scrapbook page for all eternity.

But if you think that an additional copy of the certificate might come in handy some day, then use a creative way to attach it to the scrapbook page. Here a some suggestions...

Use photo corners to hold it in place. This will allow you to slip it in and out with ease. Just make sure you always put it back as soon as you are finished with it.

Create a pocket to store it on your scrapbook page. This method will work, but part of the certificate will be covered up. You will have to actually pull it out of the pocket to view the entire certificate.

Using a Copy of the Official Certificate

If you have only one official certificate do not put it in your scrapbook. Either order an additional birth certificate or make a copy of the original one for your scrapbook.

To make a copy, use your scanner to create a copy. Then, print it on some archival quality paper.

You can also scan in the certificate and use photo editing software to reduce the size of it. Then, you can have it printed on photo paper.

I prefer to use an original certificate. Down the road, it will give your page a more nostalgic feel to see the original certificate as apposed to a picture of it. But it's up to you.

You can always create the page using a copy of the official certificate. Later when you get an authentic certificate, just place it over the copied version on your scrapbook page.

For digital scrapbookers, this layout would make a great hybrid scrapbook page. Create your digital layout and leave a spot for the certificate. Then attach the certificate to your page once it is printed.

Sample Title Ideas

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Birth Certification
  • Your Official Name
  • For the Records
  • Legal Stuff
  • Certificate of Love
  • Certified With Love

Sample Layout Ideas

This page is all about the certificate. You don't need to add much else to the page. And if you are using the official birth certificate, you will not have room for anything else.

You need to decide how you will attach it to the page. (See the suggestions above.) Create a mat for the certificate. Make sure the mat color goes well with the colors on the birth certificate. Then add a title to the layout.

Share your birth certificate scrapbook page ideas.