Birth Announcement
Scrabpook Page

birth announcement scrapbook pageIf you sent out a birth announcement, then you definitely want to include one in your baby's memory book. You could just slip it in a pocket of the baby book and be done. Or, you could use it to create a great scrapbook page.

This is such a simple scrapbook page to create. All you need on this scrapbook page is a title, the announcement and maybe a few embellishments.

This is one of those few pages you can create before baby arrives. First, you want to pick out the announcement to make sure your scrapbook layout and the announcement match. Make sure you know the size of the announcement and leave a space on the scrapbook page for the finished product. Then, once you have the announcement, just glue it to your scrapbook page.

Sample Titles

  • Welcome to the World...(baby's name)
  • Introducing (baby's name)
  • We Joyfully Welcome...
  • Our Greatest Gift Has Finally Arrived
  • Announcing the Birth of Our New Son/Daughter
  • Look What the Stork Brought Us
  • Announcing the Good News
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