Baby's First Steps

The details about your baby's first steps is a milestone you don't want to forget. Capture this milestone by taking lots of pictures and video. Use the pictures to create a scrapbook page for your baby's scrapbook.

Here are a few suggestions to help you create a great layout...

Title Ideas

  • First Steps
  • One Little Step at a Time
  • Ready or Not, Here I Come
  • Ready, Set, Walk!
  • (Baby's Name) is Now Walking

What to Journal About

  • Date baby took first steps
  • Date when baby started walking on a regular basis.
  • How did baby react when he fell? Did he get up and try again?
  • What was baby walking towards?
  • What did you do to help encourage baby to walk?
  • Did you buy special walking shoes for baby?

Baby Scrapbook Layout Ideas

  • Walking Across the Page - Use the burst mode on your camera to take several pictures of baby walking across the room. Cut baby's figure out of the photos. Then place baby's photos across the scrapbook page to make it look like he is walking across the page.
  • Square Grid - Create a grid using nine squares with three squares in each row. Place one photo of baby walking in each row (for a total of 3 pictures of baby walking). Use the other two squares in the row to add embellishments or journaling.

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