Baby Trip Scrapbook Tips

You will want to take lots of photos during your little ones first baby trip or outings. Whether you are taking baby on his first vacation or just taking him out of the house for the first time...

Create a scrapbook page to remember baby's first outings for years to come.

Create an all-in-one scrapbook page that journals about baby's first outings and trips. Have a list of places where you will record the date when baby first went there.

Here are some ideas for places you might want to document...

  • Doctor's Office
  • Grocery Store
  • Grandma's House
  • The Park
  • Swimming Pool or Beach
  • The Zoo
  • First Overnight Trip
  • First Airplane Ride
  • First Train Ride

Some of these events you will want to create a separate scrapbook page detailing the trip.

But, the purpose of this scrapbook page is to document all of the places baby went during his first year, like the "Around the Town" pages found in a traditional baby record book.

Titles for Baby Trip Scrapbook Page

  • Going Places
  • Around the Town
  • (Baby's Name)First Outings
  • Baby Road Trip
  • Traveling with (Baby's Name)
  • Look at the Places I have Gone!
  • Cruising with the Babe
  • Traveling Tot
  • Out and About with (Baby's Name)

Journaling Ideas for a Baby Trip Scrapbook Page

  • Where did you go?
  • Who went with you?
  • How long were you out and about?
  • How did baby do on the outing?
  • What kinds of preparation did you do to get ready for the outing?

Layout Ideas for a Baby Trip Scrapbook Page

  • Collage of Photos - On one scrapbook page, create a large journaling box that has the names of all of the places that you will take baby. On the second page of the layout, make a collage of photos from all the different place that baby went.

    This can be an ongoing scrapbook page. Create the page and add to it when baby goes on a new outing.

  • Pocket Photo Holders - Create a pocket for each outing that you want to document with pictures. For those outings that you do not have pictures for, journal about the events throughout the scrapbook page.

    For example, you might want to record the date when you took baby to the grocery store for the first time, but you don't plan on taking any pictures of the event.

    For the outings where you have lots of pictures...

    Create a pocket to hold the photos. Then write on the pocket where the outing took place and the date it occurred.

  • Hidden Photos - Choose one photo from each event. Crop the photo. You may want to crop the photos in all different shapes and sizes. Create a cover for each photo using card stock.

    Journal about the event on the photo cover. Make sure you include where the outing took place and the date it occurred.

    Make a hinge on one side of the cover. To make the hinge. Use a strip of folded paper. Glue one side of the strip to your scrapbook page and glue the other side of the strip to your cover.

    Glue the photo to the scrapbook page so that the cover will cover up the photo.

    When finished, your scrapbook page will be filled with hidden photos from the outings your baby took during her first year.

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