Baby Stickers

Baby stickers are a quick and easy way to decorate your scrapbook page. If you have some empty space and are not sure what to put there, you can just plop a sticker on your page.

There are so many different types of baby stickers to choose from, especially on the web. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

There are even stickers now that are three dimensional. This type of sticker adds a lot of texture and depth to your layout.

When I find stickers that I love, I can't help but buy them. A lot of times I don't even have a clue as to how I will use them on a page.

Sometimes the stickers themselves are enough to inspire me to create a scrapbook page. I end up using the stickers to design my layout.

One time, I found these zoo stickers that I just loved. Guess what we were doing the following weekend? That's right. We took a family trip to the zoo. I had to take some pictures to go along with those stickers.

Geez...that sounds kinda pathetic. The scrapbook stickers are controlling my life!!

Well, here are some unique ways to use stickers on your page...

  • Use stickers to make photo corners for your pictures. You can use four stickers that match or mix them up. You want the stickers to overlap onto your photo. Just make sure the stickers are not so busy that they take away from the photo. You want the stickers to compliment the picture, not distract you from it. You can add stickers to all four corners or just two of them. Play around with it to see what looks best.
  • Use stickers to make a page border. Place stickers in the corners of your scrapbook page to make a decorative border for your layout. You could use one sticker in each corner or have a cluster of stickers in each corner.

    Instead of placing stickers in all four corners, just use two. For a one page spread, you want to use opposite corners. That will keep your page balanced. For a two page spread, Place the stickers on the four outside corners. This will help the two pages flow together.

  • Use solid colored stickers as a matte. This works great with plain shaped stickers, such as squares and circles. You can use them to create your title. Arrange the stickers on your page. Then, write one letter on each sticker to form your title. Or, you could place a smaller sticker letter on top of the sticker matte to make your title.
  • Use a sticker as a tag. You can buy stickers that are tags. They even make stickers that you are suppose to write on. If you have a plain sticker, you can write a word on it. Choose a word that fits your theme - like baby, sweet, sleep, etc...
  • Use baby stickers to enhance your background paper. Create a pattern on your background paper using stickers. This works well with small, plain stickers. Here are some examples of shapes you could use to create a design - thin line strips, geometric shapes, footprints, etc...
  • Place stickers in quadrants. Divide your layout into equal quadrants. Four, six, eight, or nine works best. Fill up some of the quadrants with pictures. Use one picture per quadrant. Place a sticker in the other quadrants. This is a great way to showcase a sticker without taking away from the photos.

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