Baby Smile

The first time you see your baby's smile creep across your newborn's face you get this warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside.

You think to yourself is that a "real" smile or just gas. It really doesn't matter. Just seeing that smile is enough to put you in a happy mood.

Some parents say their baby start smiling right from the start. But according to doctors, a baby officially smiles (socially smiles) when they are reacting to an external event.

The majority of babies begin to smile socially between six and eight weeks old. According to pediatrician, David Geller, most babies smile regularly by the time they reach 12 weeks.

Those first smiles can be hard to capture. My little Naomi first smiled when she was 5 weeks old, but I wasn't able to get a picture of her smile until she was 3 months old.

Here are a few suggestions to help you remember baby's first smile for years to come.

Sample Titles

  • Million Dollar Smile
  • (Baby's Name) First Smile
  • A Smile's Worth a Thousand Words
  • Your Smile Lights Up the Room
  • You Ought to be in Pictures
  • I Love it When You Smile at Me
  • Sweet Smile
  • Pretty Smile
  • Baby Grin
Journaling Ideas
  • The date baby first smiled.
  • What caused baby to smile?
  • Describe how you felt seeing your baby smile for the first time.
  • How often does baby smile?
Layout Ideas
  • Simple Layout - This is the perfect page to create a layout with that one great photo you have of your baby smiling.

    Choose a color that coordinate with your baby's outfit to create a mat for the photo. Place the photo slightly off centered on your page. On the opposite side of the page, place the title in the corner. Add a few embellishments and you have a nice, simple page.

  • Smile Faces - Use a smiley face theme for your layout. Create background paper by drawing smiley faces randomly all over the paper. Or, you can use smiley face embellishments to decorate your page.
  • Many Faces of Baby - Create a many faces of baby scrapbook page. Use pictures of baby that shows the many faces baby makes. Highlight the best photo of baby smiling by making it bigger than the other photos of baby. Create a special mat to set the picture of baby smiling apart from the rest. Use the words that describes the different faces that baby is making in the pictures to decorate the page.

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