Learn how to create easy baby layouts using Photoshop Elements.

I created this baby book layout using Photoshop Elements. This may look like a difficult page to create, but it is actually pretty easy to do.

I am assuming you know basic Photoshop Elements skills.

I began by taking a picture of my dining room table to use as the background.

I then changed the photos into sketches. I made the original version of the photo smaller and attached it to the sketch using a paper clip.

Make sure the paper clip layer is on top of the photo layer. Zoom in and erase a portion of the paper clip to make it look like it is really clipped to the photo.

You can create your own paper clips and pencils by scanning them or by taking a photo of them.

I took a picture of a clip board to use for this baby book layout and I scanned in a piece of notebook paper.

I then chose a basic handwriting font, Bradley Hand, to journal on the paper.