Baby Sit Up Scrapbook Page

Add a baby sit up scrapbook page to your little one's memory book to help you remember the precious details of your baby reaching this milestone.

Your baby first sitting up is one of the first milestones we anticipate as new parents. Once they master sitting up, they will begin to figure out how to crawl. Then, there is no turning back. They are mobile and ready to explore their world.

Most babies learn how to sit up independently between their 4th and 7th month. The early stages of your baby learning how to sit up makes for a great - and somewhat challenging - photo shoot.

You'll need an extra set of hands. Someone that can catch baby when he starts to fall. Stage the photo shoot on a soft location, such as a bed or couch.

Take several photos of baby sitting up. If he starts to fall, keep snapping away. Those shots of him falling over will make a cute addition to the scrapbook page.

Titles for Baby Sit Up Scrapbook Page

  • Sitting Up
  • (Baby's Name) First Sat Up On (Date)
  • (Baby's Name) Can Sit Up!

Layout Ideas for Baby Sit Up Scrapbook Page

    puzzle scrapbook page
  • Puzzle Page - Puzzle pages are a great choice for a layout when you have a lot of pictures you want to include, see the example to the right.

    Crop the photos. Arrange them on the page so they fit together like a puzzle. Include your journaling box as one of the puzzle pieces.

    This puzzle layout has a nice, clean look. The focus is kept on the pictures. It is a great choice if you have several pictures of baby sitting up that you want to showcase.

  • Cut Out Baby Take a side shot of baby sitting up. Then cut out baby from the photo. Place the cut out picture of baby in the bottom left or right hand corner of the scrapbook page. You want baby's back to be resting on the edge of the page, so he will be facing the center.
  • Enlarged Photo of Baby - Choose the best photo of baby sitting up and enlarge it. Have it printed as an 8 by 10 or whatever size is appropriate for his baby book. Then, cut him out. Arrange his photo on the scrapbook page. He should fill up the majority of the space on your layout. Add some journaling and a title.

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