Baby Shower Scrapbook Ideas

You need to create a baby shower scrapbook page. Where should you begin?

First choose the photos you want to include in your scrapbook. This will help you determine how many pages you will need for your layout.

It's very common to have a two page spread for your baby shower. If you had several baby showers and too many photos to include on just a few scrapbook pages, then consider creating a baby shower mini-scrapbook album.

Here are some tips to help you make a wonderful baby shower scrapbook layout...

Be Prepared at the Baby Shower:

  • Choose someone ahead of time to be the official picture taker. Make sure you choose someone who loves taking pictures, has a great camera and is outgoing enough to "work" the room. If others are also taking pictures, ask them to send you copies. Better yet, see if they will burn them to a cd for you.

  • You probably won't be able to include an individual picture of everyone at your shower in your scrapbook. So, take a group photo of everyone. This will make sure you have a picture of everyone that attended the shower in your scrapbook. Don't wait till the end of the shower to take the group picture. There is usually someone who will have to cut out early. So, take the photo as soon as everyone has arrived.

  • Bring an assortment of baby themed die cuts and acid free pens to the baby shower. Have each guest write a message on the die cut. They could write a piece of advice to the mom-to-be or a message to baby.

  • Save the wrapping paper. For each gift, have someone cut out a 12 by 12 section of the wrapping paper. Later, you can cut it to the size you need and include swatches of it in your baby's scrapbook. If you are a digital scrapper, scan in the wrapping paper and use it to create embellishments or background paper for your layout.

  • Did you play any paper games? If so, keep the papers from the winners and add them to the baby book. It will be interesting for people to see 30 years from now what games were played at your baby shower.

  • Save a napkin to include in your baby's memory book.

Important Pictures to Take

  • Take a group photo of everyone at the shower.

  • Take a photo of the cake.

  • Take photos of the cards or scan them. Most cards have pictures on them that would make a great embellishment for your scrapbook page. If you do not want to cut up the original card, then take a picture of it and cut the picture up.

  • Lay out all of the gifts on a plain blanket or sheet. And take a photo of the gifts all together. If you are a digital scrapper, this would make a great background paper for your baby shower scrapbook page.

  • Take pictures of individual gift items. Then cut out the picture of the gift and use it to decorate your scrapbook page.

  • Once baby is born, take a picture of baby in the outfits she received as a gift. Then send the picture to the person that gave baby the gift. They will love seeing baby in the outfit they bought her.

Sample Titles:
  • Showered With Love
  • Showers of Blessings
  • Showers of Love
  • Abundant Blessings
  • Party Time!
  • Let's Celebrate Baby's Arrival
  • It's Almost Time... So, Let's Celebrate

Baby Shower Scrapbook Layout Ideas

1. Take a picture of each gift you received at your baby shower. Cut out the gifts and arrange them around the edge of the page to make a border.

2. Create a large umbrella using card stock. Cut out photos and cover up the majority of the umbrella using pictures.

3. Have the shower guests write a piece of advice to the mother to be on baby themed die cuts. Arrange the die cuts and photos from the shower on the scrapbook page.

Do you have some baby shower scrapbook ideas you would like to share?