Baby Scrapbook Titles

The right baby scrapbook title can turn a good scrapbook page into a great one. The title is one of the first items that people notice on your page and it helps set the tone.

Tips for choosing the perfect title

Make sure the title and the font fit the mood of your page. If you want a cutesy page then choose a cute title with a playful font.

A good title for a scrapbook page either describes what is going on in the photos or tells something about the people on the page.

The all important font choice

The font you choose for your title is almost as important as the title itself. There are thousands of free fonts out there for you to download. Use them to make your page, or should I say title, stand out.

If you are a traditional scrapper consider printing out the title on scrapbook paper and then cutting it out to place on your page.

Experiment with mixing the fonts in your title. Here are a few suggestions...

Make the first letter of the word stand out by using a different font.

Make the unimportant words - like the, is, at, etc... a simple font. I love to use a handwriting font for this. It helps keep the focus on the important words.

Use a different font for a particular word in the title that you want to stand out.

A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three different fonts on a page.

Sample baby scrapbook titles

100% Girl/Boy

A Gift From Above

A Star is Born

A Womb with a View

All About Baby

All Boy

Angel without Wings

Answered Prayers

Around the Town

Baby Bubbles

Bath Time

Bathing Beauty

Beauty Sleep

Big Girls Do Cry

Born to be Wild

Bouncing Baby Boy/Girl

Boy/Girl Meets World

Boys will be Boys

Bubble Time

Bundle of Boy

Bundle of Joy

Children are the Heart of the Family

Cute as a Button

Cutest Little Baby Face

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Princess

Dreams do Come True

Even Angles have Bad Days

Footloose and Fancy Free

Girls Rule

Great Expectations

He I Grow Again

He we roll again

Heaven Sent from Above

Hunka Chunka

Hush-a-Bye Bay

I am Raised in Good Faith

I Hold Your Small Life in the Palm of My Hand

I'm Going Places

It's a Bouncing Baby Boy/Girl

It's Potty Time

Life on the Inside

Locks of Love

Look Who's Turning One

Loved to Pieces (cute for a puzzle page)

Made in Heaven

Made with Love

Million Dollar Smile


More Precious than Gold

My First Haircut

My Little Son Shine

My Little Sunshine

My Sweet Baby Boy/Girl

My Sweet Baby Boy/Girl Whom I Love to Love

Off to Dreamland

One-durful Girl/Boy

One Little Step at a Time

One Special Baby

Our Little Angle

Precious Memories

Precious Moments

Pretty in Pink

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Showered with Gifts

Sleep Tight

Sleeping Beauty

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Special Delivery

Splish Splash I'm Takin a Bath

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Summer Time Fun Under the Sun

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Pea

Sweet Sleep

Sweetie Pie Baby

Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes

The Womb World

There's No Stopping Me Now

This is the Story About Me (baby's name)

Tickled Pink

Watch Me Grow

Watch Out World Here I Come

Welcome to the World

What Fun to be One

Wishes do Come True

You Color My World

Do you have some baby scrapbook titles you would like to share?