Create a Baby Scrapbook Title Page

Creating a baby scrapbook title page is sometimes overlooked. It's one of those pages you don't think much about. None the less, it is an important page.

But it is not a time critical page. There is usually not much to journal on it. So, you can let time pass. You don't have to recall details about any event.

You may want to make this page after your little one turns one. Then you can add a newborn and a one-year-old photo to the page.

The title page can be used to set the look and feel of the baby album. If you are using a specific color scheme, make sure you capture it in the title page.

You can also use this baby page to add a special message to your baby. Telling them how important they are and why you created this book for them.

The title page usually includes a newborn picture, birth statistics, and a title such as:

This is the Story of...

This is a baby book of...

Welcome to the world...

This is the story about me (name) and the people who love me.

You may want to include a poem on the page. Here are a some title page poems for your baby book:

I am so very special
I have been from the start.
Before they held me in their arms
My family held me in their hearts.

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall,
My life and love will ripples make
And touch the lives of all.

So read this precious story
As step by step I grow.
I am a special blessing and gift
As each page here will show.
~Author Cathryn Stanley

It's important for you to see
that you mean the world to me.
I created this special book
with a warm and loving touch,
so that you will always know
I love you very much!
~author unknown

Do you have a title page you would like to share? I would love to see it.

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