Easy Baby Scrapbook Layout

ultrasound scrapbook layout

This baby scrapbook layout was created using PhotoShop Elements. It is very easy to make.

These directions assume you already have basic Photoshop Elements skills.

1. Create a new blank file with a resolution of 300 and background color of white. Choose the dimensions you need for your baby book. I used 12 inches by 12 inches.

2. Create a new layer and fill it with the color black.

3. Open a profile picture of your belly to create the pregnant woman's silhouette.

4. Use the method you prefer to cut out the silhouette of the body. I used the magnetic lasso.

5. With the move tool, grab the silhouette and plop it onto your scrapbook page.

6. Next use the filter bas relief to create the copper textured silhouette. The bas relief filter uses the foreground and background color to create the effect.

I used a dark brown for the foreground color and black for the background color. Play around with the colors until your happy with the results.

If you would rather have a blue or pink silhouette, then use blue or pink for the foreground color and white for the background color.

7. Place the ultrasound photos in the belly portion of the silhouette.

8. Create a new layer. Using brown as your foreground color, paint azaleas onto the page. You can find the azalea brush under the special effect brushes.

On the brush tool bar, click on the brush on the right hand side to show options for setting brush dynamics. Change the scatter and spacing to zero percent.

Now paint some brown azaleas on the new layer. Once you are finished, change the opacity of the layer to make the flowers less visible. I set my opacity to 15 percent.

9. Create a new layer and add some white azaleas using the same process in step 12.

10. Add a title. If you need some help on choosing a title, then check out the baby scrapbook layout ideas for ultrasound pictures.

11. You may want to add a newborn photo of baby in the upper right hand corner.

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