Baby Scrapbook Ideas
About Baby's First Visitors

Here are some simple baby scrapbook ideas for creating a great layout on your baby's first visitors.

Sample Titles

  • Baby's First Visitors
  • Company of Love
  • In the Company of Love
  • Loved by Many
  • Greetings of Love
  • Be Our Guest
  • Visitor Blessings
  • Let the Visiting Begin
  • It's Visiting Time
  • In Good Company
  • Meet Your Family
  • Meet the Ones Who Love You

Journaling Ideas

  • Have your visitors do the journaling for you. Bring baby themed die cuts or chipboard and an acid free pen to the hospital with you. Ask your visitors to write a special message or blessing to baby on the die cut. This is the perfect way to add journaling to your visitors page - have your visitors do it!
  • List the names of all of baby's visitors. Include any gifts they brought for you or baby.
  • Ask your visitors who they think your baby looks like. Then use the results to create a "poll" on your scrapbook page.
  • Did you have a visitor that really stood out? Maybe they encouraged you when you needed it the most. Or, stayed all night with you to help you out. Highlight them on the visitors scrapbook page by writing a letter of appreciation to them on card stock.

Baby Scrapbook Ideas for Sample Layouts

1. Make a layout using the baby themed die cuts that your visitors signed (see the journaling tip above). Arrange the die cuts and the pictures of your visitors on your scrapbook page. Have the die cut overlap the picture of the visitor that signed it. This will insure that people can tell who wrote what message.

2. Here is an alternative idea for using the signed die cuts. Arrange the photos of the visitors and the die cuts they signed in a random order on your page. Then draw a swirly dotted line to connect the die cut to the right visitor.

3. Use the cards from your visitors to make a page. You need a copy of the card cover and the inside message. This is an easy page to create if you are a digital scrapper. Just scan in the cards and decrease the size to fit them all on your layout. You can still do this if you are a traditional scrapper. You need to make a copy of the cards and reduce the size or you can take a picture of the card.

Then arrange the pictures of the cards and the pictures of the visitors in a tile format. Make rows of the card cover, picture of visitor and the card's inside message. It will kind of look like the visitor who gave you the card is sandwiched between the front cover and the inside message.

Do you have any baby scrapbook ideas you would like to share?