Baby Scrapbook Ideas for Creating
Flip Pockets for Ultrasound Pictures

submitted by Tess Redel

Do you need some baby scrapbook ideas for making layouts using your ultrasound pictures?

I love this layout because it allows you to add a lot of ultrasound pictures to your scrapbook page. Also, it is really easy to create.

Here are the steps...

1. Create a silhouette of a pregnant woman on card stock. This example used black card stock. Blue or pink would work well also.

2. Glue your ultrasound pictures to a piece of card stock. You may want to leave room on the card stock to describe the ultrasound photo.

3. Create the flip pockets. You can purchase already made flip pockets, but they are easy to make on your own using photo sleeves.

Slip your ultrasound picture into the photo sleeve and trim off the excess from the sides.

4. Arrange the photo sleeves onto your layout. Start at the bottom of your layout. Space them evenly apart.

Determine how much space you want between your photos. This depends on how many ultrasound photos you are including on your page.

Usually, you want to space them between one to two inches apart. This will allow the photo underneath to peek out.

5. Now that you are happy with the spacing of your ultrasound pictures...

It is time to tape them to the page. A tape runner works great for this.

Start with the photo on the bottom. Run a piece of tape along the top, back, outer portion of the photo sleeve. Firmly press it onto your page.

Continue adding the rest of the photo sleeves in the same manner - going from bottom to top. Space them evenly apart.

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