Baby Scrapbook Ideas
About Your Labor Experience

baby scrapbook layout about giving birth

Do you need some baby scrapbook ideas for creating a layout about your labor experience?

Your labor experience is something you definitely want to capture and use to create a scrapbook layout.

If your like me, as time passes and the more children you have....the more difficult it becomes to recall those precious details of your birthing experience.

Creating a scrapbook page about the event is a great way to preserve those memories for future generations.

One of the most important aspects of this page will be your journaling. Take some time and write a heart felt letter about your labor experience.

Journaling use to be very difficult for me. I really hated doing it. It was so hard to come up with the right words. Especially when I knew the scrapbook page would be preserved for many generations to come.

If journaling has you stuck, read this article for tips to get your journaling juices flowing.

Sample Titles

  • Labor Pains
  • Labor of Love
  • It's Time!
  • Am I Ready for This?
  • Ready or Not, Here I Come
  • Time to Get My Push On
  • Just Remember...Breathe
  • 1,2,3...PUSH
  • Sweet Arrival Time

Quotes About Giving Birth

Giving birth is little more than a set of muscular contractions granting passage of a child. Then the mother is born.- Erma Bombeck

Baby Scrapbook Ideas for Giving Birth

1. This scrapbook page is all about journaling. Create a simple layout with a picture of you in labor and a letter describing your labor experience.

2. Choose three or four of your best labor pictures. Change them to either black and white or sepia photos. Then use a colored photo of you holding baby right after baby is born.

Poems About Labor

I am Crying
author - Ruth Butler

I am crying
tears of pain
as I push you
into the world

I am crying
tears of love
as I hold you
for the first time

I am crying
tears of relief
as I see how
healthy you are

I am crying
tears of wonder
as I gaze
into your eyes

I am crying
tears of pride
as you nurse
at my breast

I am crying
tears of joy
as your father
wraps you in his arms

I am crying
tears of exhaustion
as we sleep
side by side

I am crying
tears of excitement
as we leave the hospital
and go home

I am crying
tears of anticipation
as I see our future
through your eyes

Do you have some baby scrapbook ideas you would like to share?