Baby Scrapbook Ideas
Getting Ready for Baby

There are several baby scrapbook ideas you can use to create a page on getting ready for baby's big arrival. But, you do not want to create a page for each of these sections. You shouldn't do more than two pages on this topic. If you are finding it difficult to decide which ones to choose, then try combining them.

Here are some suggestions...

Baby's Nursery - Create a page about getting baby's room together. Here are a few baby scrapbook ideas...

You could include a before and after photo of the room. Be sure to take pictures of the room being painted. The paint color would make a great background color for your page.

If the nursery has a theme, be sure to include it on the page. If you chose a common theme, like Winnie the Pooh, you can easily find already made embellishments to add to your page. A more personal touch would be to create your own. If a picture of the theme came with the crib set, cut it out and copy it to some archival safe card stock. If you are a digi scrapper, scan it in and you have an instant embellishment for your page.

You can take a picture or scan in a part of the baby's blanket. For digital scrappers, this would make a great background for your page. Traditional scrappers, cut out the picture of the baby blanket and use it like a die cut.

Crib - Did you buy a crib that needs to be put together? If so, this could be a really cute page to add to your baby scrapbook, especially if Daddy is not so handy.

Take a picture of all the pieces spread across the floor. You could even scan in some of the small pieces like screws and bolts to use as embellishments.

Make sure you take plenty of pictures of the crib being assembled.

You could choose a handyman theme for this page and use tools for your embellishments.

For digital scrappers, a picture of the assembled bed would make a great background paper for your page. Just make sure you lighten the opacity.

Include facts about the bed. Where did you buy it? How much did it cost? Was it a gift? How long did it take to put together? Why did you choose the color you did?

Home Sweet Home - Did you do anything special to get your home ready for baby's big arrival? Here are some baby scrapbook ideas for getting your home ready for baby...

Did you move to a new place to make room for baby? Talk about why you decided to move. Include a picture of the home you left along with a picture of your new home. How far along were you when you moved?

If you get a burst of energy to clean the house right before baby arrives (called nesting), ask daddy to take pictures of you cleaning. You could journal about the deep cleaning you did and your goals for having a clean and organized house after baby arrives. Or, you could make it more of a funny page and include this quote from Phyllis Diller, "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."

New Car - Did you buy a new car to prepare for baby's arrival? Include a photo of your old and new car. Take a picture of the car seat in your new car. Why did you buy a new car - reliability, more room, safety, etc..

Do you have any baby scrapbook ideas you would like to share?