Baby Scrapbook Ideas for
Finding Out if It's a Boy or Girl!!

Baby scrapbook ideas to use for this page depends on when you found out you were having a boy or girl. Did you find out when baby was still in your womb, or when baby was born.

If you found out the sex of baby before he was born, then you may want to combine this page with your ultrasound page. Check out the baby scrapbook ideas for an ultrasound layout.

Journaling ideas ...

List the day you found out you were having a boy or a girl.

Tell why you wanted to know ahead of time or why you decided to wait.

Who was with you when you found out?

How was your reaction to hearing the news?

Who were the first people you told?

Title ideas...

It's a Boy/Girl!

We are having a boy/girl!

Boy/Girl Meets World.

Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet Baby Girl

Sweet Bundle of Boy

My Son Shine

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Welcome to the World Our Beautiful Baby Girl/Boy.

Baby scrapbook ideas for layouts...

Make a pink and blue page. Have pink on one side and blue on the other. Put a list of the names of people who thought you were having a girl on the pink side and those who thought you were having a boy on the blue side. In the middle, have the ultrasound picture or picture of baby (depending on when you found out).

You may want a classic page with a newborn picture of baby and the title - It's a Girl/Boy!! Traditionally, this page would be baby blue for a boy and a soft pink for a girl. A poem written on matching vellum paper would make a great addition to this layout. Add some journaling, a few embellishments and your done.

You could combine the layout about finding out the sex of baby with the layout about baby's name. List the boy names you were considering on one side of the layout and the girl names on the other side.

Have a title at the top of the page that says - It's a Boy(Girl). Then at the bottom, write the baby's name in big letters.

You could make a silly old wives tale page. List several different old wives tales about determining the sex of your child. Then list what the results are for each one. Here are a few old wives tales...

How are you carrying baby? If you are carrying low, you are having a boy. If you are carrying high, then you are having a girl. Include a tummy picture with this one.

Take a picture of you with your wedding ring hanging on a string above your belly. If the necklace swings back and forth, you're having a boy. If it is more of a circular motion, then it's a girl.

If you're having a girl, then the fetal heart rate will be above 140. A boy will have a heart rate below 140. You'll have to ask your doctor this one. Only, don't tell him you want it to determine the sex. He might think your a little odd.

If you crave sweets, then your having a girl. If you can't get enough sour foods, then your having a boy. So what does it mean if you crave pickles and ice cream? Include a picture of your favorite sweet or sour food.

Do you have some baby scrapbook ideas you would like to share?