Baby Scrapbook Ideas
Details of Baby at Birth

birth certificate scrapbook pageDo you need some baby scrapbook ideas on how to document the precious details of your baby at birth? Here are some journaling ideas, sample layouts and sample titles.

But first, let's look into the future for a little confirmation on why we are creating a baby book....

You are having a family get together after all of your children are grown. Your daughter-in-law is expecting her first child. She starts asking you about your son's birth. She asks how much he weighed when he was born. That's something every good mother can remember, right?

You excuse yourself from the room. You get out his baby scrapbook. You wonder if you should just look up the facts from his birth and return to the room looking like a super-mom. You not only know how much he weighed, but you can still remember the exact time he was born. You even remember the name of that cream they stuck in his eyes. YOU can remember every detail. You are SUPER-MOM!

But, you decide to show his baby book (I'm not sure why she hasn't already seen it) to your daughter-in-law. As she sifts through his baby book, she is truly inspired to create one for her child. And she thinks to herself that you are one super-mom for creating such a fantastic memory book for your son.

Now back to baby scrapbook ideas...

This scrapbook page is a quick reference to all the facts about baby the day he was born.

It should include the physical details of baby.
Such as:

  • time baby was born
  • day of the week baby was born
  • baby's weight at birth
  • baby's length at birth
  • baby's head circumference at birth
  • any shots or medicine baby received at birth
  • baby's birthmarks
  • color of baby's eyes
  • color of baby's hair

Journaling Ideas

  • Include the facts listed above.
  • Also, write about who you think baby resembles and why.
  • Describe how baby reacted when he was being poked and prodded and tell how it made you feel.
  • Include baby's apgar results. The highest possible score is 10. Anything from 7-10 is considered normal. Look at the apgar table below to see how scores are calculated.

APGAR Scoring

  Sign 0 Points 1 Point 2 Points
A Activity (Muscle Tone) Absent Arms and Legs Flexed Active Movement
P Pulse Absent Below 100 BPM Above 100 BPM
G Grimace (Reflex Irritability) No response Grimace Sneeze, cough, pulls away
A Appearance (Skin Color) Blue-gray, pale all over Normal, except for extremities Normal over entire body
R Respiration Absent Slow, Irregular Good, Crying

Baby Scrapbook Ideas for Titles

  • Details of Baby
  • Baby Facts
  • Precious Details

Baby Scrapbook Ideas for Photos to Take

  • Picture of baby being weighed at birth
  • Picture of baby being measured at birth
  • Close-ups of baby's birth marks
  • Close-up of baby's eyes - take this picture using natural lighting without the flash.

Sample Layout Ideas

1. News Flash - make the scrapbook page look like a newspaper. Have a "news reporter" announce the facts. Here is some sample wording. Breaking News.... We just received word that John and Jane Doe gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Our sources tell us she weighed 6 pounds and 8 ounces, etc...

2. Choose one photo to be the focal point of the page - maybe a picture of baby being weighed. Have smaller photos of the other items your are describing about baby. Then journal underneath each photo.

If you have a close-up of baby's eyes, crop it so you just see the eyes. Then use the color of baby's eyes as an accent color for the page.

Do you have any baby scrapbook ideas you would like to share?