Baby Scrapbook Ideas
About Baby Crawling

Do you need some baby scrapbook ideas on when your little one first started crawling? Here are some tips...

Journaling Ideas

How old was baby?

What was the date?

Where was baby when he first started to crawl?

Where was baby trying to go? Was he trying to reach a toy? Was he crawling to mom or dad?

Sample Titles

Baby's Name First Crawled on (the date)

Watch Out World, Here I Come

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Baby on the Go

Baby on the Move

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The Joy of Moving

Time for Baby Gates

There's No Stopping Me Now

Layout Ideas

scrapbook layout crawling
1. This layout is great for digital scrappers. I used a head on photo of baby crawling for the background. I then took several pictures of baby crawling across the room. I cut out baby and placed his photos as if he were crawling across the page.

scrapbook page crawling2. Make a pop-up page. The left side of this photo is the scrapbook page. The right side is the opened pop-up on the page. Click on the picture for a detailed description on how to make this pop-up page.

baby scrapbook crawling

3. Take shots of baby crawling head on at the camera. Arrange them at the bottom of the page to make it look like a race. Use the secondary title - on your mark...get set..go. Choose the best photo of baby crawling as the main photo for the page. Frame the photo with card stock. Choose a color that compliments baby's outfit. Add the main title and journaling box to the page.

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