Baby's World Facts

A scrapbook page about baby's world facts is a fun page to create. It lists the facts and headlines from the year baby was born.

Your child will enjoy showing this baby book page to their children some day.

It's best to get the costs of items from your hometown. Save the receipt from that trip to the grocery store you take to stock up the fridge before baby arrives. Keep the ads you receive in the mail the week baby is born. These will come in handy latter when you are filling out this baby book page.

If you're like most people, time is already gone and you can't remember how much a loaf of bread cost the year baby was born.

That's ok. Just click on the link below for the year baby was born. This is a great list of the important facts you need to record about baby's world when she was born.

Data for the year 2014

Data for the year 2009

Data for the year 2008

Data for the year 2007

Data for the year 2006

More Years Coming Soon

Now that you have the facts for the scrapbook page, here are some ideas to help you put it all together.

Sample Titles

A World Full of Wonder

The World As It Was

The World When (baby's name) Was Born

Life in (fill in the year baby was born)

What Life Was Like in (fill in the year baby was born)

Once Upon A World

Sample Layout Ideas

1. Make the page look like a newspaper or advertisement. Use an off white paper for the background. Make the title of the newspaper one of the suggested titles above.

Then make headlines for the different articles. For instance, World Leaders - list the names of the world leaders. The Best of 2006- list the best selling books, top tv shows, box office hits, etc.

Draw thin horizontal and vertical lines to make columns for your paper.

Make an add for a grocery store and list the prices of various items.

2. Create a collage of data. Write the the data you want to include on your page on various shapes, sizes and colors of cardstock. Then arrange them on your page to make a collage.

You could use cardstock in the shape of the data you are including on it. Use the profile of a president to write the names of the world leaders. Use the shape of a piece of fruit to write the cost of food items.

Include real items from that year. Such as a movie ticket, a grocery receipt. Use a copy of a receipt for your page. The real receipt will fade over time.

Do you have some scrapbook ideas for a baby's world page?