Baby Scrapbook Ideas for
Choosing Baby's Name

Do you need some baby scrapbook ideas for when you chose baby's name? The type of layout to create really depends on how you came up with baby's name.

Use the reasons you chose the name you did to create the perfect layout for this page.

This is an important page to make, especially if there is a lot of meaning behind the names you chose.

Creating a page all about baby's name is a great way for future generations to know why you chose the names you did.

You could combine this page with the scrapbook title page for your baby memory book.

Journaling Ideas

What type of name did you want to choose? For example, were you looking for an original name, biblical name, name with special meaning, etc...

Tell the meaning of each name you chose.

List why you chose each name.

Tell who suggested or picked out each name.

When did you decide on the name? Was it before of after baby was born?

List the rank of the baby name you chose. Baby name wizard is a great website that shows you the popularity of a name for any given year.

Make a list of all the names you were considering.

Sample Titles

What's in a Name

Named with Purpose

Named with Love

Sample Layout Ideas

1. Did you choose a name based on its meaning? Create this cute page that focuses on the meaning of the names. Spell out each of the baby's names with a bold font. Then add a journaling box for each name. Tell the meaning of each name, why the name was chosen and who picked out the name. Add a newborn picture of baby and an appropriate title.

2. If the name you chose has family meaning, then make a page that includes a picture of baby and a picture of the person baby is named after. If possible, take a picture of baby being held by that person. List the full name of baby in large font. Also, include the full name of the person baby is named after.

3. Has baby's name been passed down from father to son? If so, take some unusual photos of dad and baby. If grandfather also has the name, include pictures of him in the layout. You may want to add the poem Your Name by Edgar A. Guest to your page.

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