Baby Rolling Over

rolling over Is your baby rolling over? Well, grab your camera and take some pictures of this milestone. Here are some tips to help you make a great scrapbook page to remember this event.

Sample Titles

  • Rolling Over
  • (Baby's Name) Can Roll Over!
  • Roll, Baby, Roll
  • It's Rolling Time


This page doesn't need a lot of journaling. Just make sure you include the date baby first rolled over from tummy to back and from back to tummy.

If baby was reaching for something when he first rolled over, then take a picture of it and include it on your layout.

Getting the Picture

Getting pictures of baby rolling over is not an easy task. It's not one of those milestones that we can plan. It's easy to get a picture of baby's first bath or baby's first haircut. Or even, when baby first learns to crawl, you may have time to grab your camera.

But when your little one rolls over for the first time, forget about taking a picture. You may not even see him do it. You might set baby on his belly for tummy time, turn your head, look back, and he is on his back.

So, wait until he is frequently rolling over. Then plan your mini photo shoot to capture him in the roll. Set your camera to burst mode. Have someone hold a toy just out of reach and snap away.

Layout Ideas

  • Not the Best Photos - It can be hard getting good photos of your infant rolling over. Choose the best ones that you have that shows him rolling.

    Then choose a picture of baby on his belly, holding his head up, and looking at the camera. Make that good photo the focus of your layout. After all, it is the starting position for rolling, right? (See layout above.)

    Sequentially arrange the not so great photos of baby rolling over on a strip of paper. Add a journaling box that tells the date baby first rolled.

  • baby scrapbook
  • Combine Layout with Monthly Update Page - If you do not have any good pictures of your babe rolling over, then skip this scrapbook page.

    Instead, when you are creating your monthly page on baby. Take a photo of baby lying on his belly and holding his up.

    Include the date that baby first rolled over in the journal about what happened that month.

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