Baby Poem
"Coming Soon..."

The baby poem Coming Soon... written by Yves Gagn makes a great addition to an ultrasound scrapbook page. You could also use the poem to create a homemade card for the mother-to-be.

Coming Soon...
by Yves Gagne
(Baby Boy Version)

There he is, sleeping,
right there inside you;
he is gently moving,
to him every movement is new.

He feels safe and warm,
he knows he is soft and fragile;
he can't wait to be in your arms,
and see your beautiful smile.

Coming Soon...
by Yves Gagne
(Baby Girl Version)

There she is, sleeping,
right there inside you;
she is gently moving,
to her every movement is new.

Soon she shall be with you,
Tears of joy will unfurl
Then you'll know just what to do
To take care of this baby girl.

Here is the story behind the poem, written in Yves Gagn's own words...

I had written it 16 years ago for a co-worker. I had been at that company for less than 3 months and the few times I had interacted with this woman, she was always very nice to me. Before she left on maternity leave, people took her out to lunch for some sort of baby shower and being new and not really knowing her I was not invited and felt left out. So once back at my desk I wrote it in 10 minutes on nice stationary which is something I always carried around with me. I offered it to her, she read it and began to cry saying this was the nicest gift she had received.

Thanks Yves for the beautiful poem!

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