Baby Month By Month

Create a baby month by month record to document the first year of your precious child's life. They grow so quickly. Before you know it, they will be running around and getting into everything. As time passes, those precious details of their first year of life will fade away.

Taking just a few minutes a day to record the details of your baby's first year is a great way to make sure those memories stay vivid for years to come.

Whether you scrapbook, have a baby record book, or just use your email, I will show your some tips that will help you to capture those memories of your baby month by month.

To be successful, you need to find a method that works for you. Then, you want it to become a habit. Experts say it takes around three weeks for an activity to turn into a habit.

Here are some methods to try to help you document your baby month by month. If you try one and it doesn't work, try another one. Keep going until you find the method that is right for you.

  • Journal - Creating a journal is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to document your baby's life. The key to keeping a journal is to find a specific time during the day to record your thoughts. That way, in just a few weeks it will become a habit.

    Finding extra time can be challenging when you have a new baby. But the time you spend writing in your journal can help renew your mind. You may find that you have more peace and patience once your start journaling. It truly is a great habit to start.

    A good time to journal is first thing in the morning or at bedtime. Start with one and if it doesn't work, try the other. Another good time during the day would be when your child is taking a nap or watching their favorite tv show.

    Your journal does not have to contain thoughts just about your baby. To keep your personal thoughts separate from the ones for your child, create a journaling box on each of your journaling pages. Then you can record the facts about your baby in the journaling box. That way you don't have to keep to separate journals.

    Once you have your thoughts recorded, you can easily transfer them to a baby scrapbook or record album at your leisure.

  • Email - Another method to record your baby's month by month happenings is to create an email account just for them. Then, get in the habit of sending them email on a regular basis.

    Make the email account something that you will easily remember, such as his first and last name.

    Every time you send someone an email, send one to your baby. Or, choose a certain day of the week to write an email to your little one.

    You can even give her email address out to friends and family. Then, they can help contribute to lasting memories about your child.

  • Baby Record Bood - Buy a baby record book that has ready made pages for your to fill out. Then, on a daily or weekly basis fill out the book.

    This is a great method to use because you accomplish two things at once. You capture your thoughts about your child and you create a baby album for them.

    This is easier to do if you keep the record book in a convenient place. Set it beside your end table and fill it out while your family is watching tv. Or, place on your nightstand and fill it before bed.

    Most record books have a baby month by month section. This section has a big portion where you can journal about your baby's milestones of the past month.

What Baby Month by Month Information Should You Record?

  • Pictures - You can never have enough pictures. I like to take monthly pictures of my baby during her first year. I take the pictures on her monthly anniversary. Schedule it on your calendar so you won't forget. The monthly pictures are a great way to capture the changes of your baby month by month.
  • Milestones - Record the date of any milestones your baby reached during the month. Have your camera ready to snap photos of them reaching their milestones.
  • Special Events - Record details about how baby reacted during any special events or holidays that occurred during the month.
  • Baby's Weight - On baby's monthly anniversary - weigh them. The easiest way to weigh your baby is to first weigh yourself. Then, hold your baby and weigh both of you. Subtract the amount you weighed by yourself from the amount that you both weighed together. The end result is the weight of your baby.
  • Baby's Length - Measuring baby's length is a little more difficult to do than measuring his weight. Use a yard stick. Place baby's head at zero inches. Then, straighten her leg and record where the leg lies on the yard stick.
  • Baby's Routine - It is always interesting to look back and read what baby's month by month routine use to be. Record when baby eats and sleeps. Include anything else that is part of your baby's routine. Do you read baby a book at a certain time? Do you have floor time together? Maybe Grandma comes to visit on a certain day of the week. Whatever you would like to remember about your baby's routine, make note of it.

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