Adding Baby Footprints to
Your Scrapbook Page

Baby Footprints

Baby is on the way and it is time to get ready for his arrival. I wash all of his little clothes. While I am folding them and putting them away. I stop. The clothes are so tiny. Were my other children really this small?

I know they were, but for some reason, every time I see a newborn I am in aw at how tiny they are. They grow so quickly that it is hard to remember how little they use to be.

One way to capture how tiny they were at birth is to make a scrapbook page of their footprints. You can either use the footprints they took in the hospital or make your own.

Hospital Footprints

Using the footprints that they took in the hospital is a quick and easy way to make a scrapbook page. You just need to design your page around the piece of paper that has your baby's footprints on it.

One of the best reasons to use the hospital prints is that you aren't on a time crunch. The footprints are already there. So, you can make the scrapbook page at your leisure.

Make Your Own Footprints

You can make your own copy of your baby's footprints. This will give you the greatest level of creativity for your page. You will not be limited by the paper they used at the hospital.

Here are some tips...

  • You want to make sure you footprint their feet as soon as possible. If weeks have passed since baby's birth, then use the footprints from the hospital for the scrapbook page.
  • If you make your own prints you can choose the color of the ink pad. You are not stuck with the black prints from the hospital. You can buy ink pads in a variety of colors. Your local craft store should have a great selection.
  • When you take your baby's footprint, make sure you use smooth card stock. You do not want to place the footprint directly onto your scrapbook page. Because if you mess up, then your page is ruined.
  • The best time to take baby's prints is while they are sleeping. They will be less likely to move around and you'll get a nice crisp print.

Sample Titles for Baby Footprints

  • Tiny Toes
  • My Footprints
  • Growing Toes
  • Cutest Little Baby Feet
  • Sweet Feet
  • (Baby's Name) Footprints

Sample Layouts

footprint scrapbook page

1. Comparison Feet - this is an adorable layout where your compare the size of baby's newborn feet to baby's feet at an older age.

Take baby's footprints when they are a newborn. Then take them again at a latter date. One or two years old works great. Then compare the two sizes to show how much baby's feet have grown during that time period.

You can compare them by placing them side by side or by placing the smaller set on top of the larger ones.

baby footprints paper 2. Patterned Paper - use baby's footprints to make patterned paper for the background.

This is easy to do if you use a program such as Photoshop. I created the paper to the right using a scanned image of my son's baby footprints. Click on the paper to see how to make this background paper in using Photoshop Elements.

Also, you can make this paper using traditional scrapbooking. You will just need to stamp baby's feet multiple times on the background paper. Turn the paper in different directions so baby's prints are placed randomly on the page. Also, have some of the prints "hanging" off the page.

Do you have some ideas you would like to share about adding baby footprints to a scrapbook page?