Baby First Bath Scrapbook Page

A baby first bath scrapbook page makes a great addition to your little one's memory book. What do you consider to be your baby's first bath?

You may consider it to be when the nurse cleaned baby off right after she was born. Or, after you were home and gave your little one his first sponge bath.

I considered my child's first bath to be after their cord fell off. Then, I could totally submerge his brand new belly button in the water.

I always make sure I have an extra set of hands around to take pictures of the big event, and I definitely include some of the photos in their baby scrapbook.

Titles for a Baby First Bath Scrapbook Page

  • It's Bath Time!
  • Taking the Plunge
  • (Baby's Name) First Bath
  • Bathtub Blues (for babies that hate bath time)
  • Bathing Babe
  • First bath down... only 15,000 left to go
  • It's Bubble Time

Journaling Ideas for a Baby First Bath Scrapbook Page

  • What was baby's reaction to the bath?
  • Where you nervous to give her a bath for the first time?
  • What preparations did you make for bath time? Did you use a bath tub thermometer to make sure the water was just right?
  • What brand of soap did you use?
  • Of course, include the date and baby's age when she had her first bath.

Layout Ideas for a Baby First Bath Scrapbook Page

  • Bathtub Journaling Box - Cut out the shape of a bathtub and use it for your journaling box. Or, write the title of the page on the bathtub shape.
  • Bubble Journaling Boxes - Make bubble die cuts to use for your journaling boxes. Make the bubbles in various sizes. Write a fact in each of the bubbles.

    You could make the title out of bubbles by writing one letter of the title on each bubble. Then, place the title bubbles randomly, in order, as if they are floating on your page.

  • Make Your Own Embellishments - Take pictures of the different items you used during the bath. Take a picture of the shampoo and soap bottles, the towel and washcloth, the baby bathtub, etc... Cut those items out of the picture and use them to decorate your page.

    If you do not use photo editing software, then make sure the item you are photographing is at a proper distance. You do not want the shampoo bottle to be bigger than your baby.

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