Baby Boy Scrapbook Ideas

As a mother of three beautiful little boys, I have created many baby boy scrapbook pages. I always use a variety of styles for my baby scrapbooks. There are many options available...

You may decide to use traditional blues for your baby book. You can buy a baby boy kit and create all of your pages using items from this kit. This will make the baby book flow from one page to the next. It is also a fast way to create an album.

Using a baby boy kit is a good choice for creating mini-albums. Mini-albums are great gifts for grandparents, God parents, and others who would treasure the baby album you create.

I prefer to use a variety of styles and colors. I do use a baby boy kit to create some pages, but I also like the classic looks of browns and blacks. I like to use photos as backgrounds.

You want to make sure your baby album has the traditional baby pages such as baby's first hair cut.

Here is a complete list of baby pages to include in your scrapbook.

I like to also include some non-traditional pages like these:

My dear sister always comes over to my house during the first week of my baby's life. She holds a photo shoot.

I created this baby boy scrapbook page to remember the photo shoot and give Aunt Tess credit for the great photos she took.

I turned the photos into sketches and have them scattered across the table.

Click on the picture to learn how to create this page.

This is a unique page I created to remember my son's first experience playing in the snow.

I could have created a page all about him, but I decided to create a snapshot type of page. This gives an overall picture of the fun he had that day and who he had it with.

I used a photo for the background. Then I cut out several pictures of the kids playing in the snow.

I made it look like one big photo.