Tips on creating baby book pages
about waiting for baby to arrive.

You can create baby book pages long before your little one arrives. This will ensure that you capture your thoughts during your pregnancy or...

Keep a conception and pregnancy diary to capture all your thoughts and feelings during this time. Later, you can use this diary to create meaningful journal entries in your baby's memory book.

If you create baby book pages before baby is born make sure you leave a place for a photo of baby. (If a photo of baby fits the layout of the page.)

There are many angles you could take to create a waiting for baby page. Here are some topics you may want to address...

How did you found out you were pregnant?

Were you starting to get morning sickness and decided to take a test?

Have you been trying for months to conceive? Do you take a test even before your monthly visitor was late?

Did you take a home pregnancy test or find out at the doc's office?

How did you feel when you found out?

Did you scream for joy?

Did you get a big grin on your face?

Were you shocked?

Did you wonder how this happened?

Who is the first person you told you were pregnant?

Did you start telling everyone right away?

How did you tell daddy?

Did you wait to tell people until you got past the 3 month mark?

Did you wait for a special occasion to announce the news?

How did everyone take the big news?

You could quote someone if they said something memorable to you when you told them. You only want to include good quotes. You probably don't want your baby to know the first words their grandmother said when she found out was, "Oh, no. Not again!"

Would someone like to write a poem or letter to add to your baby book pages?

Did you have difficulty conceiving?

You could discuss how much it means to you to become a mother. Don't forget to get dad's perspective on becoming a father.

How long did it take you to conceive?

List medical reasons why it was taking long to conceive. (This is also great documentation for your posterity. Who knows, one of your grandchildren may have trouble with conception fifty years from now.)

Describe any aids you used to help you become pregnant. Of course, I am only talking about sharing details that you want others to know.

You can even talk about how many pregnancy tests you took.

How did you feel during your pregnancy?

What food cravings did you have?

Did you have morning sickness? How long did it last?

Did you avoid certain foods?

Did you change any habits - quit smoking, change diet, give up or start exercising?

How much weight did you gain?

Did you have any medical conditions such as gestational diabetes or eclampsia?

What happened the first time you felt baby move?

How did you feel when you heard baby's heart beat for the first time?

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