Baby book pages about the birth of baby.

Baby book pages about labor and delivery are definitely something you want to include in your baby memory album.

A sure fire way to make sure you remember all the details of your birthing experience is to take a journal with you to the hospital.

There will come a point during labor when the last thing you want to see is your journal. That's when Daddy needs to take over. Discuss with Daddy, ahead of time, the things you want him to jot down in the journal.

Make sure he knows that helping you takes priority over writing in the journal. You can always go back and add the details after baby has arrived. Read this article for a list of items to journal about during labor for your baby book pages.

Story about your birthing experience...

A great baby book page about your birthing experience would be to write a story about the details of the event. This page does not even need a photo of baby on it. You could hand write it or type it and print it on special paper.

You will be amazed at how quickly you forget the details of your labor. So, make this scrapbook page a top priority. You will truly treasure having a writing account of your birthing experience.

Ways to include private photos on your baby book pages...

If you are modest like me, you want to include your private photos of the moment baby enters the world discreetly. There are a few ways to do that.

Make pockets to hide the photo -

birth scrapbook page My mom was in the delivery room with me. She took some great photos of my daughter being born. They are "private" photos that I do not want just anyone seeing, such as my father-in-law. But the photos are awesome and I had to include them in my daughter's baby book .

So I created these pockets to hold the photos. You just pull on the tab that is attached to the photo and slide it out of the pocket.

This is a great way to hide photos that you only want certain people seeing. The page is inside a page protector which makes it more difficult to view because you have to take the scrapbook page out of the protector to see the photos.

Use stickers -

Do have a great photo of baby being born? If it shows some precious goods that you don't want others to see, put a sticker over the section you want to hide.

I used hearts in the scrapbook layout below to cover up parts of the photos that I didn't want anyone to see.

Scrapping the first few minutes of baby's life.

I created the two page layout below. I took the time recorded in the file of the digital pictures and used it to place the photos in chronological order.

My sister did a great job of capturing the important moments from my son's first few minutes of life.

I used Photoshop Elements to make the pics look like Polaroid snapshots. Click on the scrapbook layouts to see a bigger version and a detailed explanation on how to make the page.