2006 World Facts for
Your Baby's Scrapbook

Are you looking for 2006 world facts to help you fill out your baby's memory book? You have come to that page in the baby book where you are suppose to fill out all these statistics about the year your baby was born.

If your like most moms, you are too busy to remember what was the best selling book of the year and you have no clue on how much you use to spend for a loaf of bread.

That's ok. This page is filled with the facts to help you complete that baby book page.

Once you have the facts, take a look at the baby scrapbook ideas article for creating a layout on what baby's world was like when he was born.

Common Costs and Statistics for 2006:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics unless noted

  • One Pound of White Bread - $1.08

  • One Dozen Grad A Large Eggs - $1.31

  • One Gallon Whole Milk - $3.08

  • One Pound of Bananas - $.50

  • One Pound of Ground Beef - $2.55

  • One Pound of Tomatoes - $1.73

  • One Gallon Unleaded Gasoline - $2.59

  • Cost of one First-Class Stamp - $.39

  • Cost of Movie Ticket - $6.55 (source: National Association of Theater Owners)

  • Average Price New Car - $22,651 source: US Department of Energy)

  • Average Price of a New Home - $305,900 (source: US Census Bureau)

  • College Education for tuition and fees: Private - $22,218 per year, Public: $5,836 per year. (source: collegeboard.com)

  • Estimated U.S. Population - 298,362,973 (source: US Census Bureau)

  • Estimated World Population - 6,555,000,000 (source: World Population Data Sheet)

In the News

Top 10 News Stories of 2006 according to CNN.com
View CNN's timeline here.

Democrats win midterm elections - Democrats took control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time in a dozen years in the 2006 U.S. midterm elections, and President Bush and top Democrats quickly promised to get along despite a rancorous campaign. The election results were seen as a referendum on Bush, the war in Iraq and congressional scandals. The day after the vote, Bush announced that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would be stepping down by the end of the year.

Saddam Hussein Verdict - Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and two other defendants were sentenced to death by hanging for a brutal 1982 crackdown in the Shiite town of Dujail. Hussein was executed December 30 and was buried the next day in the same cemetery as his sons, who were killed in a 2003 firefight with U.S. forces. Since Hussein was toppled as Iraq's leader, the country has been plagued by insurgent and sectarian violence, and some are calling it a civil war. A December report by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group called the situation "grave and deteriorating" and recommended changes in U.S. policy.

North Korea Nuclear Test - North Korea's official news agency reported the country had performed a successful underground nuclear test. Five days later, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea as punishment for the test. North Korea rejected the resolution and walked out of the Security Council chamber. The test came three months after North Korea test-fired six missiles, including a long-range Taepodong-2 rocket believed capable of reaching the western United States. The Taepodong rocket failed after 40 seconds, but the United States denounced the tests as "provocative."

Iran Nuclear Standoff - Iran defied a United Nations deadline calling for the Islamic republic to halt its nuclear activities or face sanctions. Tehran insists its program is for peaceful purposes only, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has vowed not to give in to Western interests. But the Bush administration suspects Iran is using its nuclear program to develop weapons, and President Bush has called for worldwide isolation of Iran until it "gives up its nuclear ambitions." China and Russia -- both veto-wielding members of the Security Council -- have been reluctant to sanction Iran, and Moscow proceeded with arms deals with Tehran.

Israel-Hezbollah War - Israel launched a series of bombing raids into Lebanon after Hezbollah forces crossed into Israel, killing three soldiers and abducting two more, a move the Israeli prime minister called an "act of war." A month later, a cease-fire took effect, and displaced civilians began returning home. About a million people on each side of the border were displaced, officials said. The conflict left 908 dead and 3,877 wounded in Lebanon, and 159 dead and more than 1,000 wounded in Israel, authorities in the two countries said.

Al-Zarqawi Killed Two 500-pound bombs ended the hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most-wanted insurgent in Iraq. Acting on a maze of intelligence and tips, the military targeted a "safe house" north of Baquba in which the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq was staying. Air Force F-16 warplanes launched the bombs, reducing the house to rubble. A Jordanian-born Sunni militant with a $25 million U.S. bounty on his head, al-Zarqawi was believed to have the blood of thousands on his hands as leader of the group behind numerous beheadings, assassinations and bombings.

Trans-Atlantic Plot FoiledTerrorists were in the "final stages" of a plot to simultaneously blow up as many as 10 jets leaving Britain for the United States when British and Pakistani authorities teamed up to thwart the attacks, officials said. It was believed the plotters planned to mix a sports drink with a gel-like substance to make a potent explosive that could be ignited with an MP3 player or cell phone. News of the plot created travel chaos, as flights were canceled and passengers were forbidden from bringing liquids on board.

Ex-Russian Spy PoisonedFormer KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko died in a London hospital on November 23; large doses of polonium-210 were found in his body. Litvinenko, 43, was a longtime critic of the Russian government, which he blamed for his sudden, fatal illness. Russian authorities denied any role. Traces of the radioactive material have been found at Litvinenko's home, places he ate and where he held meetings just before falling ill, authorities say. Traces also were reported on British Airways planes, a London soccer stadium and the British Embassy in Moscow. British police said they are treating the death as a murder.

Enron Trial - After four years of investigations, 16 weeks of testimony and six days of jury deliberations, Enron former Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling and founder Kenneth Lay were found guilty of conspiracy and fraud. The former executives were convicted of misleading the public about the financial health of Enron, whose 2001 collapse symbolized a wave of corporate fraud that swept the country. Lay, 64, died of coronary disease on July 5 while awaiting sentencing. Skilling was sentenced to 24 years in prison on October 23.

Crocodile Hunter killed - September 4 Steve Irwin, the enthusiastic "Crocodile Hunter" who enthralled audiences around the world with his wildlife adventures, was killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest while he was shooting a TV program on the Great Barrier Reef off the northeast coast of Australia. Irwin, 44, is survived by his wife, Terri, and their two children, Bindi Sue and Robert. "The world has lost a great wildlife icon, a passionate conservationist and one of the proudest dads on the planet," Irwin's manager and friend John Stainton told reporters. "He died doing what he loved best."

The Top 10 Happy News Stories of 2006 - The top news stories were so depressing that I decided to list MSNBC's list of happy stories.
Read MSNBC's full article here.

1: Frugal woman dies at 100, donates $35.6M Florida native's fortune goes to local diabetes and cancer research

2: Homeless man finds best reward is honesty Community rallies around man, gives him $4,000 for returning $21,000 bond

3: Hero catches tot as she falls from high window Plucky immigrant honored for quick-thinking act that saved toddler

4: World’s tallest man saves dolphins in China Herdsman, 7' 9", uses long arms to pull plastic from creatures' stomachs

5: Awesome auto does 1,000,000 miles, retires Super Saab still has mostly original equipment; has new home in museum

6: School sweethearts reunite, marry after 47 years Internet helps connect couple who had split up in the ninth grade

7: Ex-Marine, wife win $200 million Powerball Odds of winning were 140 million-to-1; couple bought tickets in Iowa

8: Generous slot machine gives away piles of cash Newspaper: Glitch turns one-armed bandit into one-way money machine

9: Speeder stops to help trooper chasing him Officer crashes in car chase reaching 120 miles per hour; no citation issued

10: Honest guy gets $10K he found — 10 years later Patience pays off for upright worker who found cash in university library

World Leaders during 2006

  • President George W. Bush - USA
  • Prime Minister tony Blair - United Kingdom
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Canada
  • President Hu Jintao - China
  • President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam - India
  • Prime Minister John Howard - Australia
  • President Jacques Chirac - France
  • President Vladimir Putin - Russia
  • Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - Iran
  • President Horst Koehler - Germany


Top Grossing Movies of 2006:
Source: Box Office Mojo

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, $423.3 million

2. Night at the Museum, $250.9 million

3. Cars, $244.1 million

4. X-Men: The Last Stand, $234.4 million

5. The Da Vinci Code, $217.5 million

6. Superman Returns, $200.1 million

7. Happy Feet, $198.0 million

8. Ice Age: The Meltdown, $195.3 million

9. Casino Royale, $167.4 million

10. The Pursuit of Happyness, $163.6 million

Top Paid Actors of 2006
Source: Forbes

1. Will Ferrell

2. Johnny Depp

3. Ray Romano

4. Will Smith

5. Toby Maguire

Top Paid Actresses of 2006
Source: Forbes

1. Drew Barrymore

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Nicole Kidman

4. Jennifer Garner

5. Cameron Diaz

78th annual Academy Awards Winners

  • Best Motion Picture: "Crash"
  • Lead Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Capote"
  • Lead Actress: Reese Witherspoon, "Walk the Line"

Most Watched Television Shows of 2006
Source: Neilson

1. American Idol - Tuesday

2. American Idol - Wednesday

3. Dancing with the Stars

4. CSI

5. Dancing with the Stars - Results Show

6. Sunday Night Football

7. CSI: Miami

7. Desperate Housewives

8. House

9. Deal of No Deal

10: Without a Trace

Miss Universe: Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico

Miss America: Jennifer Berry from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Best Selling Books of 2006
Source: Forbes

1. For One More Day by Mitch Albom

2. Beach Road by James Patterson adn Peter de Jonge

3. Cell by Stephen King

4. The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

5. Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

6. Marley & Me by John Grogan

7. The Innocent Man by John Grisham

8. You On a Diet by Michael F. Roizen

9. State of Denial by Bob Woodward

10. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

Best Selling Children's Books of 2006 - Hardcover

1. The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events #13), Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Brett Helquist

2. Pirateology, Dugald A. Steer

3. Cars, Ben Smiley

4. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony, Eoin Colfer

5. Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?, Bill Martin, Jr.

6. Pirates, John Matthews

7. Guess How Much I Love You, Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram

8. Maximum Ride #2: School's Out—Forever, James Patterson

9. Is There Really a Human Race?, Jamie Lee Curtis, illustrated by Laura Cornell

10. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Beatrice Letters, Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Brett Helquist

Best Selling Children's Books of 2006 - Paperback

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling

2. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, James Patterson

3. Dora's World Adventure!, Suzanne Nimm, illustrated by Tom Mangano

4. Driving Buddies (Step into Breathing)

5. Disney High School Musical Junior Novel, N. B. Grace

6. Thunder and Lightning

7. Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood, Ann Brashares

8. Captain Underpants and the Preposterious Plight of the Purple Potty People, Dav Pilkey

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Irene Trimble

10. Over the Hedge: Meet the Neighbors

Fashion Trends

  • Miniskirt and minidress
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Platform Boots
  • Wide Belts
  • Ballet Flats
  • Black Finger Nail Polish


Top Ten Most Downloaded Songs of 2006:
Source: top10songs.com

1. Bad Day - Daniel Powter

2. Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado Featuring Timbaland

3. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

4. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley

5. You're Beautiful - James Blunt

6. Over My Head (Cable Car) - Fray

7. How to Save a Life - Fray

8. Temperature - Sean Paul

9. Ridin' - Chamillionaire

10. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira Featuring Wyclef Jean

Top 10 Selling Albums of 2006

1. High School Musical - Soundtrack

2. Me and My Gang - Rascal Flatts

3. Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood

4. All the Right Reasons - Nickelback

5. Futuresex/Love - Justin Timberlake

6. Back to Bedlam - James Blunt

7. B'day - Beyoncé

8. Hannah Montana - Soundtrack

9. Taking the Long Way - Dixie Chicks

10. Extreme Behavior - Hinder

Grammy's Awarded in 2006

  • Record of the Year: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Green Day
  • Album of the Year: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2
  • Song of the Year: "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own," U2


Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes of 2006:
Source: Forbes

1. Tiger Woods - Golf - $87 million

2. Michael Schumacher - Auto Racing - $60 million

3. Oscar De La Hoya - Boxing - $38 million

4. Michael Vick - Football - $37.5 million

5. Shaquille O'Neal - Basketball - $33.4 million

6. Michael Jordan - Bsketball - $33 million

7. David Beckham - Soccer - $32.5 million

8. Kobe Bryant - Basketball - $28.8 million

9. Valentino Rossi - Motorcycling - $28 million

10. Lance Armstrong - Cycling - $28 million

Sports Champions for 2006

  • Superbowl Winner - Pittsburgh Stealers
  • World Series Champions - St. Louis Cardinals
  • Stanley Cup - Carolina Hurricanes
  • NBA Champions - Miami Heat

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